There is a moment of transformation between self and projected persona.  The infinitesimal gap between our perceived deepest self (or perhaps shadowed self) and the person we want others to see.  This tiny pause interests and intrigues me.  In order to explore this liminal space, I use theatre and archetype as a way to examine that moment of transition when the hidden self is replaced by projected persona and outward artifice.

In my work as a costume designer in theatre, I see a distinct and exaggerated shift from one persona into another persona as actors take on a role.  Sometimes the transformation will occur over mere seconds when an actor, who arrives in street clothes to a costume fitting, will become a medieval king by adding a cape and crown. In this example, the storytelling nature of theatre transforms the actor into an archetype. These moments are the origins of much of my work.

From a technical aspect, the media of watercolor and colored pencil represent an ongoing dialogue between intuition and planning.  My natural inclination is to control all aspects of a drawing perhaps to the detriment of the piece.  The watercolor allows a moment of release from the minutiae of detail; the combination of watercolor and pencil create a sort of balance.

Amanda was born in beautiful San Antonio, TX in 1975, and grew up in the north Dallas sprawl of Richardson, TX. She started out wanting to be a studio artist, but decided in 1996 to focus on designing costumes for theater. So while at the University of TX at Austin she changed from a BFA in studio art to a BA in Theater and Dance. In 2000, Amanda moved to NYC to design costumes professionally, and in 2001 began the MFA stage design program at the Yale School of Drama with a concentration in costume design, graduating in 2004.  Now she does both costume design and studio art. Currently, Amanda lives in New Haven, CT with her husband and a cat. Most recently she has become a member of the Kehler Liddell Gallery in Westville, CT.

To Contact Amanda, please write to amandakatewalker75@gmail.com