In my drawings, I explore the point at which the results of our western cultural history intersect with the present day, and how the echoes of larger historical events reverberate in our more mundane day to day choices.  When I examine the intersection of then and now it is a messy jumble of experiences and emotions occurring all at once.  The societal restrictions that keep us from showing our true selves can be stripped away and reflected back as the honest representations of inner self or the explorations of further self-delusion and disguise. 

Specifically, I am interested in how the issues of identity, loss, artifice, and persona are experienced both on the most global of scales and the most intimate of psychic levels.  From a technical aspect, I experiment with the balance between intuition and the intellectual need to plan and organize;   using the unpredictability of watercolor to balance the preciseness of the pencil.

Implicit in everything I do is my work as a costume designer working mainly in musical theater and a lifelong love of art history, particularly medieval illuminations and German Expressionism. The combination of theatricality and history are the filter and foundation for the stories I want to tell and the questions I want to ask.

I was born in beautiful San Antonio, TX in 1975, and grew up in the north Dallas sprawl of Richardson, TX. I wanted to be a studio artist, really I did, but decided the real money was in theater. So while at the University of TX at Austin I changed from a BFA in studio art to a BA in Theater and Dance. In 2000 I  moved to NYC. It is a hard place to live when you have no money. I decided to go back to school and got an MFA from the Yale School of Drama in costume design in 2004. I have mixed feelings about working in theater, but that is another story for another time. After graduation, with MFA in hand, I decided what I really wanted to do was be a studio artist. Now I do both. I currently live in the not-so-beautiful-at-first-sight-but-nonetheless-charming New Haven, CT with my most awesome husband and cat.

To Contact me, please write to amandakatewalker75@gmail.com